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Companies that are in the service industry inevitably interact with clients everyday. Dealing with customers, especially when they get upset, can be challenging at times. 

It takes a special type of person to face all these types of situations, which is where the role of a Customer Service Agent comes into play.

When we started hiring Customer Service Agents here at VTA, we discovered that there is so much talent abroad for professionals who have the patience and tenacity to handle difficult situations. Not only that, these individuals also have the passion to provide the best service and have excellent English skills.


Angele is one of our most hardworking Customer Service Agents and has proven how skilled and talented virtual talent can be. In the video below, Angele introduces herself and talks about her experience with VTA and her clients so far:

If you believe your company needs qualified virtual talent to provide great service for your customers, we would love to have a conversation and talk about how we can help.