Why You Need Virtual Talent to Grow Your Business

As a budding entrepreneur, growing a business can get tricky and overwhelming. It becomes even a bit more intimidating when the time comes for you to hire people to work with you. These are probably some of the questions you will be asking yourself:

  • How can I afford to hire and train someone? 
  • What if this person isn’t competent enough? 
  • Where can I find the right people? 
  • How can I start building a team if I don’t have an office yet? 
  • Is hiring someone even worth my time and effort?

This is where Virtual Talent, or VT for short, come into play. These professionals, who usually work from home (and are located all around the world) are the unsung heroes of many companies that see value in hiring people from other countries with lower costs of living. 

There is a reason why all these huge corporations outsource multiple aspects of their businesses to countries such as India, Philippines, China and more. In this article, we will be talking about the top 3 reasons why it’s high time you should also consider hiring VTs to help scale and grow your business. 

If the questions above have been on your mind as well, we will be answering all of these here and more. 

So, let’s talk about some of the best reasons why you should hire VTs for your business.

1. Save on Operational and Training Costs

Adding a member to your team does not mean you have to break the bank. The great thing about hiring VTs is that these people come from countries with lower costs of living. Ultimately, this means that their rates are more affordable without sacrificing quality. 

In most cases, VTs charge on an hourly basis, so you only pay them for work that has been completed. 

Also, because VTs are independent contractors and not direct employees of your business, it is not required that you provide them benefits. And the fact that they work from the comforts of their own homes means that you do not have to provide laptops, equipment and other overhead expenses that you usually incur in office spaces. 

Another aspect that you do not have to spend on is training costs. Because you are hiring talent that are experts in their specific skill, they already have a good grasp of what they have to do and what tools to use. This means that they can start immediately, and if you do need to provide any training, it doesn’t have to be as in depth and time-costly. 

The great thing about getting more affordable (but definitely still exceptional) talent is that you lessen your payroll expenses and get to focus your savings on other important aspects of your business that help you grow and scale even further!


2. Benefit from Specialized Skillsets

As we mentioned in the previous point, when you hire VTs who specialise in a certain skill, not only do you save on training costs, but you experience other benefits as well.

Because these professionals have previous experience, they can help streamline the operations of your business, which increases your productivity and efficiency. 

The great thing about hiring VTs is that you can never NOT find someone who fits into what your business needs. Here are some skills that you can find from virtual talent professionals:

  • Email and calendar management
  • Appointment setting
  • Social media management
  • Graphic design
  • Content writing and copywriting
  • Customer service
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Digital marketing
  • Web development 

These are just some of the many skills you can find in the virtual talent world. If you want a more extensive list of the tasks that VTs are capable of doing, check out our other article here (link to Tasks You Can Outsource to Virtual Talent article).

Instead of wearing so many hats, why not delegate some of these hats to skilled professionals who know what they are doing? Adding VTs to your team means you do not have to do everything yourself anymore. 

Not only do you save on costs when you hire VTs, but you save on time as well by hiring people who can do the job better and quicker than you.

3. Outsource Non-Core Tasks

Finding skilled VTs will allow you to focus on more essential tasks in your business. Non-core tasks include tasks that are repetitive and time consuming, and these can always be delegated to someone who knows what to do and how to do it in the most efficient manner possible. 

It could be that you have the time to do everything yourself, especially at the initial stages of your business when you want to keep your spending to a minimum. But you can’t be doing the non-essential tasks yourself forever because eventually, you need to focus your energy on the core tasks that help scale your business. 

Time is always of the essence and doing the non-core tasks yourself can hamper your business growth.


As you start to grow your team of virtual talent VTs, you are able to focus more on overseeing the entire business and working on what really matters. Recruiting and managing a team of VTs can definitely be a daunting task, but here at Virtual Talent Abroad, we’re here to help you in every step of the way.

To learn more about how VTA can fit in your business goals, contact us and let’s talk!

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